Retail is changing.

We help malls and retailers solve the business problems digital has created

The Bottom Line

Big questions are being asked about digital’s impact on retail:







What keeps you up at night?

“It’s not clear where my customers are anymore”

“Who is acting as my digital technology BS meter?”

“I’ve bought all this tech – how do I integrate it and make it work together?”

“How do I implement digital in my stores without it being one-off, unscalable or tacky?”

“How do I get the rest of my organization to buy into tech, data and digital in general?”

“When does digital stop being a cost and start paying me back?”

The Problem With Current Approaches

  • Lots of “research projects”.  Little execution
  • Limited digital vision differentiation
  • Lots of silos.  No integration
  • Many digital solutions fly in the face of established dogma – “this is the way it’s always been”
  • Return on investment is fuzzy at best
  • Hard to convince C-Suite or Board level how digital can be a strategic differentiator
  • Too many seemingly similar products
  • Not enough focus on ACTIONING data and tech to change shopper behaviour
  • Hard to find internal champions to get behind digital

About Us

creating+managing the digital ecosystem inside your walls

We are a retail strategy consulting and transformation services firm.  We build and execute unique digital strategies that support our clients’ goals to power sales and differentiation in the new consumer-focused retail world.

If you’re in retail, speaking to those who haven’t lived it can be a painful process. We speak the language, but more importantly, speak digital just as fluently and merging the two truly excites us.

Our clients are malls, retailers and consumer brands.  Our strength is our team’s combined depth and direct experience in retail, shopping centres and digital, that results in a unique ability to connect our clients to their customers.

As true partners to the business, we deliver material change by not only helping our clients at the vision and strategy stages, but by providing support in the planning, execution and operational standup as well.

Buying bricks+matter

Engage with us in one of three ways:

Top-down.  Build me a digital vision:

Starting from scratch and you need everything – you’re looking for vision, strategy, sell-through support.

In the middle: I know where I want to go, I just need the “what to do” to get there:

You’ve got the vision + strategy generally in place but require expertise with the “what to do to get there” or in standing it up.

Bottom up: Pull the pieces together:

You’ve identified specific problems or pain points you need fixed.

The Outcomes


The path is complex.  We deliver and execute digital strategies and solutions that address the complexity, driving measurable business results across one or more of the six pillars of retail digital transformation.

Foundational + Next Generation Data
Putting it to work

Content + Distribution
What and when it matters

Mobile + Services
Optimizing touchpoints

Media + Automation
Connecting everything

New Lines of Business + Revenue
Differentiation and growth

In-Store + Digital Experiences
See it, touch it, use it

The Team

Making it happen.

We’ve earned our digital innovator chops. Our team of partners have created new digital channels and markets for retail advertising; and developed and launched digital media platforms for retailers, start-ups and multi-billion dollar global media organization alike.

Our clients are organizations who love the world of shopping; retailers, brands and mall owners.  We work with those who have an appetite to truly understand the impact that digital is having on their business and who want to capitalize on that knowledge as a strategic advantage.


  • Laurie Freudenberg

Laurie Freudenberg
always makes it happen

Laurie takes strategy and big ideas and makes them reality. Sometimes, crazy, back of the napkin ideas. She works with organizations looking to adopt digital to solve business and operational problems, tailoring solutions to each client’s varied and unique opportunities. Her experience includes over 20 years in senior executive roles in operations, general management, technology and sales, for start-up through to global publicly held companies in the digital media, retail tech, healthcare, and professional services sectors. She understands the difference between digital and physical and how to make them work together.

  • Rob Gorrie

Rob Gorrie
always leaves you thinking

Rob works to integrate digital and retail strategy to create the future of shopping and retailing. Rob grew up in retail and breathes digital. He is a successful entrepreneur with several startups under his belt and has worked with brands all over the world including Wal-Mart, Mac’s, GM, American Express and Krogers. He believes digital transformation becomes the new fabric of a company’s DNA and evangelizes innovation and measured risk to retailers and malls.

deploying digital transformation @ retail, seamlessly

 Your needs are unique, complex and important. The good news is we get it. The better news is we have solutions.

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