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digital strategy applied to retail

We are a retail digital strategy consulting and transformation services firm.  We use data, technology, innovation and strategy to make an impact.

We build and execute unique digital strategies that support our clients’ goals to power sales and differentiation in the new digitally-focused retail world.

Our clients are malls, retailers and consumer brands.

Our strength is our team’s depth and experience in retail, shopping centres and digital that results in a unique ability to connect our clients to their customers.

Material change and material growth

We deliver material change by not only helping our clients at the vision and strategy stages, but by providing support in the planning, execution and operational standup as well to make you agile

The problems we solve

the problems you can expect to solve by working together:

  • the data problem: know your customers intimately

  • the demand generation problem: getting more customers to your stores

  • the engagement problem: creating more loyalty from the shopping base online + in-store

  • the innovation problem: generating more in-store monetizable value for each store

Laurie Freudenberg
Laurie Freudenberg - always makes it happen
Laurie takes strategy and big ideas and makes them reality. Sometimes, crazy, back of the napkin ideas. She works with organizations looking to adopt digital to solve business and operational problems, tailoring solutions to each client’s varied and unique opportunities. Her experience includes over 20 years in senior executive roles in operations, general management, technology and sales, for start-up through to global publicly held companies in the digital media, retail tech, healthcare, and professional services sectors. She understands the difference between digital and physical and how to make them work together.

Rob Gorrie
Rob Gorrie - always leaves you thinking
Rob works to integrate digital and retail strategy to create the future of shopping and retailing. Rob grew up in retail and breathes digital. He is a successful entrepreneur with several startups under his belt and has worked with brands all over the world including Wal-Mart, Mac’s, GM, American Express, Air Miles, Cadillac Fairview and Krogers. He believes digital transformation becomes the new fabric of a company’s DNA and evangelizes innovation and measured risk to retailers and malls.

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